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ProLine ZMA

ProLine ZMA

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  • Safely elevates testosterone levels
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Increases endurance and strength
  • Faster recovery between workouts
  • Improves quality of sleep

A unique anabolic formula manufactured by a proprietary process, containing highly bioavailable forms of Zinc and Magnesium.

ZMA™ raises testosterone levels, increases strength, and accelerates gains in muscle size. ZMA™ is designed to improve recovery by enhancing sleep efficiency. Muscle growth, healing, tissue repair and anabolic hormone production are maximized during quality sleep. Athletes often don’t realize how critical deep restful sleep is to overall performance. It is usually recommended by professionals that hormone precursor products, (such as Tribulus) not be used by teenagers or women. For teenagers they are usually ineffective and for women they follow different metabolic pathways (the luteinizing hormone elevated by tribulus just makes women more fertile). However, ZMA™ can be effective for both these groups, with no potential for dangerous side effects.

ZMA™ increases insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which stimulates growth and development of muscles by increasing the uptake of glucose and amino acids in to cells.

Stress and vigorous exercise cause increased bodily losses of zinc and magnesium, leading to decreases in testosterone levels. In a study of 250 NFL players, over 70% were found to be deficient in zinc and magnesium. A zinc deficiency results in decreased muscle endurance and lowered total work capacity of muscles. Regular exercise results in decreased zinc and magnesium levels, therefore requiring supplementation.

In a double-blind study with college football players taking ZMA, over an 8 week period results showed the following:

• Increased muscle strength 11.6%
• Increased total testosterone levels 32.4%
• Increased free testosterone levels 33.5%
• Increased plasma zinc levels 29.1%
• Increased plasma magnesium levels 6.2%

All levels decreased for those in the placebo group.

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