DYNAMINE™ (methylliberine) is a fast-acting, high-impact ingredient found in kucha tea, and is a chemical cousin of both caffeine and TeaCrine®. It is believed that Dynamine™(alone or in combination with TeaCrine®) is able to activate the central nervous system, without negatively impacting the cardiovascular system.DYNAMINE™ BENEFITS After 20 years of limited innovation in energy products,Dynamine™ is poised to disrupt the energy category with its backed-by-science benefits and a growing list of toxicology,safety, and efficacy studies. Dynamine™ in combination with caffeine has been shown to improve energy, mood, alertness and focus.*In a recently completed university study, caffeine exposure(area under the curve — AUC) and half-life increased when co-administered with Dynamine™. Remarkably, the combination of caffeine + Dynamine™ you can get a much longer-lasting energy boost than you would be using the same amount of caffeine alone.