pro-line SUSTAIN-6®


SUSTAIN-6® is an ultra-premium sustained release super-protein that contains 6 high quality protein sources that when combined digest at varying rates for fast, medium & slow delivery.

SUSTAIN-6® gives you a perfect combination of protein sources that not only have a unique ability to rapidly release amino acids into your bloodstream but will also continuously “feed” your muscles 8 hours after taking it!

SUSTAIN-6® is fortified with the following high quality ingredients:

+ 5 Amino Acids to enhance recovery; including all 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids essential for protein synthesis.

+ Vita-Fiber™ a non-GMO dietary prebiotic fiber that will help control hunger, blood sugar stabilization and support healthy digestion.

+ CLA 90% helps to promote fat loss and increase lean body mass.

+ Digestive Enzyme Blend helps to break down protein and promotes digestion and absorption of all 6 proteins.

The added enzyme blend ensures the proper utilization of SUSTAIN-6®. ALL NATURAL SUSTAIN-6® contains natural premium ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, maltodextrin or fillers of any kind.



+ WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE 80%: Ultra-pure cross flow micro-filtered whey protein concentrate has a well-balanced amino acid profile and a high concentration of branched chain amino acids with specific muscle-building properties.

+ WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 90%: Highest bio-available yield of protein.  Whey Protein Isolate 90% is    easily digested and quickly absorbed into muscle tissues to support lean muscle growth.

+ MICELLAR CASEIN: A slow digesting protein that has the ability to work 8 hours after taking it!  Micellar Casein is optimal when taken between meals or before bed because of its slow digesting rate, it fuels muscles to prevent muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown) by releasing a steady-slow stream of amino acids.

+ EGG ALBUMIN: The most bioavailable protein available.  Egg Albumin contains 100% egg white protein.  Egg whites are notorious for their high protein content and contain no fat and no cholesterol.

+ MILK ISOLATE PROTEIN: One of three forms of casein protein derived naturally from milk.  Milk Isolate Protein is a combination of 80% casein and 20% whey protein giving it a very high amino acid composition that makes it ideal for feeding your muscles!

+ WHEY PROTIEN HYDROLYSATE: Hydrolyzing breaks larger proteins down into smaller fast-absorbing peptides making it the fastest absorbing of all whey. Hydrolyzed whey gets into your bloodstream the quickest, ensuring a rapid transit of amino acids for greater gains in muscle.

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