Fit supplements L-Glutamine

Fit Supplements L-Glutamine, Helps increase recovery and prevent the breakdown of muscle. Glutamine can help you recover from over training as well.

Ajinomoto is the only brand of L-Glutamine we currently offer.

Ajinomoto is considered one of the world’s top producers of L-Glutamine.

Why Do I need L-Glutamine ?

A:  Helps body prevent Infections, promotes wound healing. Can Help the body boost immune function. Can play a major role in preserving muscle. A common issue as we age. Helps stop the loss of Muscle Mass.

 L-Glutamine prevents muscular catabolism and participates in the transport of nitrogen from muscle tissue.

Main energy source of rapidly dividing cells (lymphocytes, enterocytes) which allows a stronger immune system and digestive system.

  • Helps maintain cellular hydration and volume.
  • Help you maintain muscle 
  • Supports Immune and intestinal health
  • * L-Glutamine is often considered an essential amino acid during periods of high stress and illness. 

Studies have shown that an intake of 2g of L-Glutamine before going to sleep increases growth hormone by 400%.

  • It accelerates the healing of contusions and burns.

For your training, L-Glutamine is said to be one of the most important amino acid.

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Helps restore plasma Glutamine levels depleted after periods of physical stress (e.g. prolonged exhaustive exercise). Helps support immune system health af


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